druida records

druida records


Druida Records is an independent company based on the island of Mallorca. A group of electronic music lovers who get together to release their creations on their own.

Without a defined style and without labels.

The music is in charge of showing itself, guiding us by what it transmits, leaving the artist to flow and capture in his music what he wants to experience. Giving special relevance to the work rather than the search for fame.



Traditions from all cultures have long used sound and visual resources for ritual and therapeutic purposes. It was understood that some chords and harmonics together with specific light waves, produce reactions in the human organism that, applying a healthy knowledge, would be positive for the harmony of the frequencies that make up the human body and its connection with nature.

Some wise and some not so wise people said and still say that sound and light waves are capable of altering matter and physical bodies. The human being has the quality of receiving vibrations from external forces and using them for his own benefit. Thus, through sound, the frequency nature of our fleshly bodies can be altered, modifying various aspects of the physical condition.

Music can provoke certain effects on the conscious and subconscious mind, thus stimulating the soul nature of the human being. And if it is part of a festivity, it becomes connected to those around it.

The combination of feeling the music with the soul and enjoying the sensations produced by the vibrations results in a conscious experience from which to reap the rewards.

These factors offer the possibility to improve the condition of the physical being, its soul and spirit, whose ability to emanate frequencies makes it connect with nature and its surroundings to return the favour and become part of the cycle.

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