In ancient times there was a group of people respected to the highest degree, the so-called “druids”. Druids were referred to as the connoisseurs of the secrets of nature and some of the greatest sages of antiquity, their knowledge encompassed almost all forms of knowledge.

One of their specialties was to interpret the frequencies that coexist between chaos and order, using material elements as a way to manage the energetic. They were considered the artisans of sound and the guides of light.

In their rites they used devices to enhance the spiritual and energetic virtues of those who needed it, they served as an essential means to fulfill an elevating mission.

For it; they guided and coordinated the sound slings and light frequencies, taking advantage of architectural structures and musical instruments made by themselves.

Being each rite, for all those who participated, a festivity for personal improvement, coexistence with the environment and with those around them.

Various cataclysms, the passing of time and the interests of some rulers almost led to their disappearance. The tales and stories about druids confused them with magicians and sorcerers, forgetting what their knowledge, rites and festivities consisted of. That is why their true uplifting potential remained hidden.

As time went by, they lost track of them. But today their teachings and wisdom remain. Their heirs and disciples continue their mission, they belong and live together in our society.

Today they continue to practice their rites and festivities, the spiritual and energetic evolution is still available to anyone who wants to find it.

The Druids are still active.

druida society